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Small Prompt Tables

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Name:Small Prompt Tables
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Community description:Small prompt tables for writers and artists
Sister community: [community profile] prompt_tables

This is a low-pressure, laid-back community that hosts creative challenges based on small prompt tables. Each table has between four and nine prompts, and is open to customization.

There are no deadlines, and no limits to the kind of creative work you can produce in response to the prompts, which by the way can be interpreted as literally or freely as you wish. Warnings are optional. Works in any language and media are welcome, no matter if they're original or fannish.

You don't necessarily have to make claims, share your works publicly, link them at the comm or announce that you've completed a table, although you're free to do all of that if you want to.

You can definitely combine the challenges found here with any external challenges you want, as long as the mods of the other challenges are fine with that.

You will find the comm's current challenge index here. More tables and challenges should be added from time to time.

Instructions are available at each challenge post. If you have any questions though, feel free to post them at the question's post.

After completing a table, you can add yourself to the comm's informal hall of fame. That's optional though.

The comm's tags are here, and should help you find your way around if the links above are not quite enough. Just keep in mind that if/when you link your works on the comm, the only tags you can add to your posts are the challenge tags, which have already been created. No other types of tag will be available.

Now go, choose a table and have lots of creative fun!
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